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The Austin African American Firefighters Association welcomes you to join our team.

Our membership is open to individuals of any race, gender, or nationality that agree to adhere to our bylaws and are willing to support our mission.

Membership dues are $30 a month for full members and $10 for all other types.

We offer Lifetime, Honorary, Full, and Associate level memberships. [ Definitions ]

Please print and fill out the application along with the direct deposit form (COA members) and mail or fax it to us. On the direct deposit form, the banking information is filled out for you in section I. Just complete the portion by your name.  You do not have to complete sections II and III, those sections pertain to setting up direct deposit, and our dues are handled as an allotment. 

COA members can fax your direct deposit form into the City of Austin Finance Department at:

974-6522 fax / 974-3001 voice

Thank you and again welcome.

To make online payments, please click below:

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

The below options are for non-AFD members that do not have the option of payroll

allotments or for AFD members that want to use different payment options.


Automatic Online Payments

 Full Membership

    Automatic Online Payments

         Non-Full Membership



Mail applications to:


PO Box 14942

Austin Texas 78761-4942

or fax to:


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