About Us

We are a proud chapter of the IABPFF

South Central Region

Executive Board


Blair Campbell

Vice President

Bobby Johns


Preston Curtis

Corresponding Secretary Darren Hyson

Recording Secretary

Kevin Shuler

Sergeant At Arms

Carlton Whitehurst  


Jamie Silas



Antwaine Hobbs








              ur mission is to actively participate in promoting, encouraging, advising and producing professional competent African American firefighters while ensuring equality, and promoting diversification in the fire service and the community.



  • Provide to the community mentors and role models

  • Work with the city of Austin's goal and efforts to have a diverse Fire Department

  • Provide information and career guidance

  • Aid in communicating firefighter opportunities within Austin Fire Department to the public

  • Provide advice and assistance. 


Our membership is open to individuals of any race, gender, or nationality that agree to adhere to our bylaws and are willing to support our mission.



We strive to be an avenue of change. In a time when inequality, unfairness and bias still exist in our fire service. 

"Mtaka cha mvunguni sharti ainame" - Swahili

(One who wants something must work for it)



Interview with President Bobby Johns.












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