Community involvement is very important to us. One of the areas we enjoy giving back in is scholarships.  If you are an organization or individual that wants to donate to our chapter, please click on the link to the left to do so. Your support is appreciated.

If you are a student that wants to apply for our a scholarship, please print out and send in the form to the left. Good luck!

Our scholarship program was initially established to address inequities in the educational opportunities afforded, communicated, and taken advantage of by African Americans. AAAFFA believes in higher education opportunities for all Americans and anyone may apply.

We do not discriminate and our scholarships are open to all. We provide scholarship awards to members of the Austin and surrounding communities.

We will be accepting application starting April 15, 2024 to give awards for the 2024-2025 school year.  The deadline will be August 30th, 2024 to receive applications and awards will be paid to the school for that school year in September.

Winners will be recognized at our annual Firefighters Ball each spring where they will receive complimentary tickets for themselves and 2 additional for relatives or friends.

2023-2024 Scholarship Winner

Jon Batiste

2022-2023 Scholarship Winner

Wynter Winston

Year 2019-2021 was during COVID and we did not have our event


2017-2018 Scholarship Winner

Caleb Davis

2016-2017 Scholarship Winner

Chris Rogers

2015-2016 Scholarship Winner

Kedra Carter

2014-2015 Scholarship Winner

Kelsha Grayson

2013-2014 Scholarship Winner

Kedra Carter

2012-2013 Scholarship Winner

Stacey Janus

2011-2012 Scholarship Winner

Cedric Carson

2010-2011 Scholarship Winner

Jonathan Frishen

2009-2010 Scholarship Winner

Harry Moffett

Congratulations to our 2008-2009 Scholarship award winner.

Kyneshawau Hurd

Congratulations to our 2007-2008 Scholarship award winner.

Karl Stewart

Congratulations to our 2006-2007 Scholarship award winners.


Whitney Golden

Stephanie Duncan

Natasha Wright


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